The Backyard and Sydney

ImageThe backyard was cozy;  bordered on the backside by a gray weathered split rail fence.  Arching over was a huge sugar maple that sheltered and protected the yard from the hot sun in the summer and the deep snow of the winter.  the grass was short and green taken care of  and along the fence line there were little piles of dried grass from its recent mowing.  Protecting the base of the brick house was a low hedge of juniper bushes that were heavy with light blue berries.   Along the stairs that reached down into the yard bright warm colored hollyhocks grew that were a favorite with the small humming birds that swarmed them daily.  Above fastened to the eve of the roof there dangled a number of bird feeders; the seed filled plates, little homemade wooden trays, along with the bright red liquid feeders for the feisty humming birds.

In the center of the yard there was a large granite colored bird bath that was filled daily due to the vigorous activities of the birds and Sydney who was a bit larger than a robin.  However his coloring was not that of the red breasted bird but a brilliant green as he was a 6 inch green dragon.  His underbelly was a lighter green than that of his upper scales and on his lower left foot he was missing one of his talons due to a forgotten stitch.

Beyond the split raid fence there was a field that was a flood of wild flowers. White daisies with their yellow centers reached towards the sun. Clusters of lilac colored clovers and orange poppies dotted the field breaking up the green and light brown of the knee high grasses.  Little yellow and white moths fluttered here and there; and on the light pink flower of a dark green milkweed sat a monarch butterfly.