It cawed loudly as it flew and landed on the split rail fence.  The black beady eyes searched the backyard for anything.  Cawing again its black silky wings spread as it lifted off the fence to glide further into the yard.  It dropped down  on the short grass that was freshly mowed  it hopped and walk a rather uneven strut; its wings fluttered for better balance.   Quirky and still looking it continues to crow and voice its opinion to all that were there in the yard.

It stabbed into the grass and in its black beak a treasure dangled as it twirled and sparkled in the sun.  Lifting up it flapped its way back to its original perch on the  split rail fence.  The silence was almost scary after all of the noise of the noisy bird, but with its beak full it was not going to drop the treasure.

I sometimes wonder what would life be like as  a bird.  I feel that the crow is probably one of the birds that I would choose but I also feel that the cawing would drive me nuts, but as a bird I would not be able to make that decision.   Why would I choose a crow ???   They seem to have an interesting life,  literally flying around where ever they want and they have that perfect perch the straw man in the middle of a corn field.  I could see myself sitting on the straw mans head with the bits and pieces of straw leaking out.   I like the black glossy feathers and the orange beak…. No wait upon closer inspection that beak is black….. Oooooooops I will have to change that in another spot.