Hearts Desire

Hearts Desire

I was walking down a moonlit path one night,
Dancing before me a shimmer of light,
Opening up into a glem shimmering green,
Thousands of fireflies, twinkles of lights and
Whisps of dreams.

Dancing and twirling they coax me,
Over the mushroom ring I step and sink,
Faster and faster they twirl,
“Where are you taking me?” I whisper.
Watching the glimmering lights.

“To your hearts desire,” I thought I heard
I stood up still with in the mushroom ring,
I started to drift up to the stars.
Above the trees I have no fear,
My friends, whirling lights circling around.

We drifted with the breeze of the night,
Over the mountains, and the sea.
What is my hearts desire?
I smiled and relaxed; this is my heart,
The moonlit path with shimmering lights.