I have been  thinking for a while now and I view the internet and the online community as being on a stage.   It is a stage in the sense that I feel that all hide behind in hopes that what we do is at the whim of pleasing the unseen people out there.    We are on performance for others but what happened to us?  When did  it come down to pleasing the unseen audience before ourselves?

For example,  I know from my own browsing and surfing that if my interest isn’t captured in the first 90 seconds of a view, I am gone and that page disappears out of my view.   Why do we spend hours, days, months and even years on that first 90 seconds of an advertisement?

I see and read advice and points on how to do something to get to this point but I know myself I have to accept it myself and decide do I really want to do it.   And there will be times that I stay away,  and there are points that I look at the stats and all the parts on a regular schedule.

My point is I do balk against schedules, lists and timelines but at the same time I know we need them. But  I too have to decide is it what I want to do and will it make me happy.   I do know I keep returning back to myself,  my writing, reading and the other crafts,  things that I look at to make  me happy.   The performance is not for those out there but in actuality it is for you and you alone.

New Pages

Hmmmmm I have been playing with the idea of new pages,  and I still am working on my about me page.   I think that I need to read more and play,  simply because I still have to figure out me.  And that is an ongoing process with daily challenges and nothing that ever stays the same.

The new pages is going to be a story that for now seems to be something that makes sense at least it does for me.  It is fighting to come out and yet it keeps yelling at me that I am not doing something right.  I get the impression that it is sticking its tongue out at me; the score right now is  new page 5  and Merys 0.  But that is ok for in the end I will win and it will bow down to me!

Binge watching

I read this assignment the other day at 3 am in the morning after watching my marathon of The Flash , and yes I know that it totally was not the correct time to be thinking about writing a blog.   But hey that is what happened,  and then like a “flash” the next thing that zipped through my mind was my comfy bed and pillow.

This whole marathon of TV shows started a week ago when I was bored; I didn’t want to drift into the gaming world and I really didn’t want to read.  Egads !!! Robin not wanting to read?  Are you feeling okay?  Let me feel your forehead and take you temperature.  Let me make some chicken soup for you!

So back to the marathon.  It all started with The Arrow  and it took me a week to watch all four seasons.  Yes I just couldn’t stop thinking about the story line, I fell in love with the characters and I couldn’t wait to have more.   I was up to 3 am every night and I drifted through work in a fog literally counting the hours and minutes down till I could get back into the world of Star City and The Arrow.

And then I hit that one episode that threw me for a loop, that one episode that forced me to go back and search,  “Hey wait a minute I am missing something where is it?”  It literally forced me to go search out the history of the whole DC comic world in order to find the lost episode.  And then I found it, so now I am binge watching the Flash as he zips through his life.

Who am I and why am I here?

Hi my name us Robin as you can see on the top of the page, and I am very new to the world of blogging.  I have a bit of a blog on another site and this one here.   What do I do with my life? That is the question of the day that I am currently trying to figure out.

I love to write and read and I have the same hopes and inspire to become a published author some day, but for now I tend to dabble in my strange world of tidbits, pieces and parts of stories that are posted here on the other site and lost in a file on my computer.

As you can see I tend to ramble on about a lot of stuff and that is the reason that I decided to join up in this class to figure out a point or what do I really want to blog about.   So what have I been doing for the last couple of years?  I am very active on Facebook as many of us are and to encourage my writing,  I try to write as often as I can and struggle to push it in between my other activities of gaming, watching movies and TV shows, reading and cross stitching.