I have been  thinking for a while now and I view the internet and the online community as being on a stage.   It is a stage in the sense that I feel that all hide behind in hopes that what we do is at the whim of pleasing the unseen people out there.    We are on performance for others but what happened to us?  When did  it come down to pleasing the unseen audience before ourselves?

For example,  I know from my own browsing and surfing that if my interest isn’t captured in the first 90 seconds of a view, I am gone and that page disappears out of my view.   Why do we spend hours, days, months and even years on that first 90 seconds of an advertisement?

I see and read advice and points on how to do something to get to this point but I know myself I have to accept it myself and decide do I really want to do it.   And there will be times that I stay away,  and there are points that I look at the stats and all the parts on a regular schedule.

My point is I do balk against schedules, lists and timelines but at the same time I know we need them. But  I too have to decide is it what I want to do and will it make me happy.   I do know I keep returning back to myself,  my writing, reading and the other crafts,  things that I look at to make  me happy.   The performance is not for those out there but in actuality it is for you and you alone.


5 thoughts on “Contemplative

  1. Linda

    I completely understand where you are coming.

    William Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage And we are merely players; They have their exits and and their entrances, And one man in his life plays many parts, …”.

    I think the most important part we can all play is to be true to ourselves and do what truly makes us happy. Only then will we feel truly alive on that world’s stage.

    You’re definitely on the right track! Have you read Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s book, “Big Magic”? I found that it really helped me find my way back to my writing and encouraged me to be an activate participant in my own creativity.

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  2. I think Linda said it very well, whatever you do be true to yourself whether it is blogging, writing, reading. When I first stsrted writing I was scared to post unsure of peoples reactions, but since I started writing to comfort grieving hearts if I am happy with it then I know their herts will welcome it as well


    1. thank you, yes I too am scared of how people will react to my comments but I am learning that like you if you are happy with it others will be too as well.


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