Ah yes the month long mayhem is about to begin! And yes I will be joining the campers as they frantically write the novel that is buried deep within them.   This is going to be my 4th attempt to continue on the adventure.  I managed to claw out a couple of wins and I did win a Nanowrimo.

My writing has been an endless novel of characters and story lines that still have not fully developed into a full blown story. There are bits and pieces on here and a few other websites and buried in my files on my computers.

With this particular story or bits and pieces of a story the last word count as of November 2015 it was 112098 or something close to that number.   And yes there will be a lot stuff that will get rewritten and simply placed on a rocket and launched out into space.   But in my defense without the original writing there wouldn’t be a story and launching material.

And yes Jake is one of my characters.  But like all of the drivel he still is resting somewhere in my brain waiting to emerge as something that eventually will be a flawed but fully developed character. Here is  Campnanowrimo  if you dare.   I am ironically Meryst on the site if you would like to join in the mayhem!!!

                         I DARE YOU!!!!!


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