A is for ALPHA

A  is for ALPHA and the way that I think about ALPHA is that of a pack leader a dominant person in a leadership role. He or she is a leader who gained their way to the top position.  As in a wolf pack the leaders of the pack are the top mated pair. We have all seen with the werewolf there are distinctive features of the ALPHA and the rest of the ranking system.  I like Patricia Briggs and her stories.  To me her ideas and thoughts are the clearest I have found regarding werewolves and ALPHA.
But with my story is Jake an ALPHA?  These questions and more have been sort of answered in my mind. But they are something that I have not been able to figure out fully and I am not quite ready to divulge quite yet.  So the question remains is Jake an ALPHA or what the heck is he really?

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