E is emotion

E  is emotion and it is something that I seem to be overflowing with.  I can’t control it but I don’t think that anyone can successfully control it either.  It turns me into a puddle of mush.  So I retreat back to my college days.  Emotionally I seemed to be the strongest.  Nothing could touch my emotions.

We partied hard,  studied, drank and danced to Billy Idol, Def Leopard, and the other hair bands of the 80’s.  There was a group of us in which we gave ourselves the nickname; the Wierds.  I loved that time period but would I want to go back and repeat it. Emotionally my answer is  no; I don’t think that I could handle it.

Emotion is fundamental to writing, but I find myself living  my characters as if they are without emotion. I think that the question that I am asking how do I put emotion into my characters?  I do not want them to be ice cold; without feelings.  I struggle with this daily and I still emotionally have not figured out an answer.  Do you have the answer?


2 thoughts on “E is emotion

  1. Are you a highly visual person? If so, you might consider looking for character types first, then anointing them with emotions second.

    I’ve heard of method acting. Is there such a thing as method writing???

    Study emotions. There are plenty of lists on the internet. Then see how your characters might feel. You don’t want to give them your feelings. You want them to have their own.

    Just some mentions!

    – Highest and Best.

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    1. Thank you !!! I am a visual person and I am not sure on method writing, I bet it does exist.
      Exactly, I want my characters to have their own emotions and feelings. Thank you for the advice!!!

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