15 years ago…

15 years ago,  it was barely 6 am  (PST) and someone woke me up to watch the news.  I was in shock.  Well we all were.  The planes had just hit the twin towers.  It was eerie, it was a void in time.  With those planes that hit the towers,  the Pentagon and later the last one that came down,  everything just shut down.

I remember just sitting watching over and over the replays… it was too unreal.  No it didn’t happen.  But the news and the internet didn’t not lie that day.  It had happened and it was not going to go away.

I will always remember.   A few days later,  after all of the news the extraordinary efforts of all the people involved in the rescues,  I had lost a friend, a shipmate with whom I had been stationed with in Adak Alaska.  Brian A Moss had been stationed at the Pentagon.

Brian, Wezzie, Chuck Adak, AK sunshine liberty 1991 I think.  Happier times that I wish we could go back to.

I am not sure if I can write much more about it September 11, 2001.   All I know is in the end that kind of destruction is not the answer.  It didn’t solve any problems if anything it created a much bigger problem that we still have not figured out the solution to it all.