A slump…or a slug

Yes that is me.   Though you wouldn’t believe it if you looked at my FB page.  But I am a slug.  I like to just sit around and stare at the computer,  which is bad but good at the same time.     The slug of me likes to just hang out ….

kind of like this little guy…

This little guy has a purpose though I am not quite sure where he is going.   He has a place to go and there is something that he needs to be doing, whether it is finding his next meal or just slugging it out.

Last week I opened my door to go to work and hanging out on the side of the door was a new friend….


He was crawling up the side of my door frame; he had a purpose but I was not too clear as to what he wanted with the side of my apartment.  He was cute in his own snail way.

I think there is a reason that  I saw him, and I think that his slow steady journey up the side of my door frame is a message  that I need to absorb the lessons that he is trying to teach.   Yes it is ok to be a slug, as long as I remember that slow and steady is the way to keep climbing to my goals and to my future.