I am here in ghost form

Hi remember me ? Yes me I am your faithful blog that you have neglected. What ! You have an excuse ?  There is no excuse !   You have to write again.

I remember you last year saying that you were enjoying this blogging and what happened ? You were very good in the beginning for a couple of months and then it became 2 weeks, then 3 and then nothing.

The little line has been patiently waiting …. I think that he wants to grow up and fly further than the clouds.

You left me hanging on the rest of the alphabet!  Yes I know that the letter U is a difficult letter to narrow down a specific word, but you can do it. There are lots of interesting words out there that start with the letter U so start thinking again!

And I know there are more stories and tales that have been floating around in your head.  So all you have to do is jump in and let the stories come back out !