A start of 17

A new year a new plan and where is that going to take me?

I have revived one of my passions in the place of another .  Last year I gobbled books.  I couldn’t stop reading and my good reads challenge list grew enormous; and I burnt myself out on reading for the moment.  I have not read or finished a book in a couple of months. My kindle sits idle and when I do turn it on  the your battery is low please charge  message appears in the middle of the screen.

My new passion: well, it is not new but rather like the reading something that has resurfaced. It appeared last year and the little line soared. HONEST he is almost done! I just have to finish his story! But any way something new appeared.

Ugg I should have edited the pic.

Meet Frederick the Literate.  He is a Dimensions kit that has been hanging around in my stash for a few years.  I have changed the fabric from black 14 count aida to an antique white 28 count MCG Textiles. BUT as I started to stitch I began to think this is smaller than 28 count.  I pulled out another wip that I have on 28 count MCG textiles and the stitches were SMALLER!   So I think that means I have another new out of the box adventure for me.  SMALLER COUNT!

Do you want to see the beginning? Do you want to see more?  I do have a finish idea for the little line but that means I have to get it out of the ufo rut that it has been placed into. I promise I will.


4 thoughts on “A start of 17

  1. It is looking awesome on the white. I am the same way. I need an ott light and the daylight to work on the one project I have on black aida. I am debating on starting that one over on a lighter color as well. I haven’t made up my mind yet.


    1. Maia Tuitele

      I have keratoconus, so after a point even very good light doesn’t help; all I see when I look at anything light on a dark background is a smeary blur. My last project on anything darker than light blue was five years ago. I can’t work on smaller than 16-count any more, either. Fortunately, that still leaves me a lot of possible projects. My current one ties in with all those things in a few ways.

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