August 2000-May 9, 2019

Pixie and Tinkerbell

My sweet Pixie you and your sister came cowering ro me in a light blue crate. You were so tiny. And you grew so fast.

Do you remember chasing the little bunny? Or protecting us all from the evil plots of the dreaded scrungies and socks, that ended trapped in the darkness beneath my bed?

You added more character to the spines of my Dungeons and Dragons player handbooks with your claws.

Do you remember the mouse that you were supposed to catch? Or the many birds that you chirped at through the slinging glass door? Do you remember meeting Tinkerbell on Grandma Kiki’s crocheted blanket?

Do you remember supervising the mass sort out of CDs? You took total control and knew the right ones that I should save.

Pixie my sweet kitty, you slept on my head and lapped the water out of my freshly showered hair. Do you remember jumping in the bathtub to drink the water off of the drain?

Pixie and Trixie

Do you remember listening for the sound of my car and meowing to greet me as I unlocked the doot? Do you remember hiding from the vacuum and then realizing that it wasnt going to hurt you?

Pixie my sweet kitty I miss you so much; You were there and hung on as long as you could. Then you looked me in the eye and I could hear you purring, It’s time, You will be ok. And then you were gone.