I = Ice Cream

letter I is for ICE CREAM.  images

I have many fond memories of Ben and Jerry’s and the original scoop shop in Burlington Vermont.   Factory seconds were a dollar a pint and we dug into a little chest freezer for our icy treasure.  It was a  treasure indeed; experimental flavors, mountains of heath bars, and other crunchy sweet surprises: chunks of chocolate, marshmallows and  M & Ms,  broken up Oreos,  and more.  And then there were the pints that were all one flavor.  We would dig in deep in search of a tasty sweet morsel, but there were times in which there was no reward despite our hopes.  But that was all right we still enjoyed that pint of ice cream.


Coffee health bar crunch still is my favorite flavor.  It is heaven on a spoon and there are chunks of heath bar mixed with smooth coffee ice cream.  I can remember walking all over down town Burlington with a spoon and a pint of my favorite ice cream.  There was a rock in front of the down town mall, that served as the perfect picnic spot for our delicious pints.

I haven’t been back to  Burlington and the University of Vermont in a long time.  It was a wonderful four years filled with fun, mad study sessions,  finals, midterms and ICE CREAM .