F is for Fumble

F is for FUMBLE. 

  And this is my FUMBLE dedicated to my fellow gamers and geeks.


The dreaded fumble that all  gamers fear.   I can remember cringing and staring at the DM as he hovers behind his DM screen.   In fact he is smirking and with an evil grin the FUMBLE charts make their way to the top of the pile of papers and rule books.  “OH what fun what can I have with your character?  Can I have a lightning bolt fly out of the sky and strike you down?  Or what will happen?  Your fate is within my hands.”

I just cringe and start searching myself through all of my charts and papers, scrambling with dice and hoping that I can counter out the dreaded damage that is going to impart grievous mayhem and harm upon my character.

And then the disaster starts to rain down,   I watch as the number of dice start to stack, my hit points start to decrease; and I gulp.  My poor character is flattened by flying colorful dice.   I sigh and then start to gather up the dice to roll up  a new friend.  I sniffle and wave goodbye to yet another person. In the corner of my eye I see  my fellow gamers gather up their dice,  whispering a prayer to the dice gods that their avatars would not succumb to the same fate of the dreaded FUMBLE  .

E is emotion

E  is emotion and it is something that I seem to be overflowing with.  I can’t control it but I don’t think that anyone can successfully control it either.  It turns me into a puddle of mush.  So I retreat back to my college days.  Emotionally I seemed to be the strongest.  Nothing could touch my emotions.

We partied hard,  studied, drank and danced to Billy Idol, Def Leopard, and the other hair bands of the 80’s.  There was a group of us in which we gave ourselves the nickname; the Wierds.  I loved that time period but would I want to go back and repeat it. Emotionally my answer is  no; I don’t think that I could handle it.

Emotion is fundamental to writing, but I find myself living  my characters as if they are without emotion. I think that the question that I am asking how do I put emotion into my characters?  I do not want them to be ice cold; without feelings.  I struggle with this daily and I still emotionally have not figured out an answer.  Do you have the answer?

D is for Dreams

dis for dreams.   Dreams are essential to every thing.  They create new wonders, new technology, lead us into places we have never been before.  Every idea, started out as a dream; and dreams are not limited to the times that you are in your bed sleeping every night.  I day dream all the time.   I have found myself standing in the middle of a room just staring off into space and then someone “wakes” me up to return to the real world.

Have you ever had that sensation of just falling asleep but you can hear everything that is going on as if you had never fallen asleep?  I have done that as well and then abruptly I “wake” up aware of some loud noise that woke me up.  I grumble flip over and then try and go back to sleep.

I have dreamed in my power naps.  I love my naps and wake up refreshed and ready to go again.  Though I will have to admit I have power napped that turned into 45 to an hour in length.  Sometimes that little power nap ends up in me sleeping the rest of the night.

I love the dreams in which I am an active participant.  But at the same time those are the dreams in which the alarm clock cuts in and boom it is gone.  I also like the dreams where some one or something woke me up; I rush to go to the bathroom, get a sip of water and climb back into bed to slip back into the dream almost where I left off.

And then there is that dream the repeater in which you are having a nightmare over and over again.  It is like Groundhog day,  or that episode of SG 1   Window of Opportunity in which Col O’Neall and Teal’c discover that they are in a time loop. This is one of my favorite episodes by the way.  The only way that I have found to break the repeat cycle of the nightmare rotating over and over again is to get up and get a drink of water. I have to “physically” break the connection or like a loop I will keep reliving it.

Dreams are essential; they are a playground in which there are no rules, you can try out new and crazy things.  I try and keep a notebook by my bed in an attempt to record those awesome dream.  Who knows that mundane dream could be the key to the universe!

B = Blood (and) Between

Bis for BLOOD and BETWEEN.  Though it naturally falls into place as BETA I chose not to follow that line of thought.  I would rather follow the path that I set out on and that is the path of my story.  As you can see all of my works seem to be connected somehow to each other. And in choosing two words there is a method to my madness.

We all know what BLOOD is.  It is red it nourishes and flows through our veins and hopefully we will not lose any.  But in my ramblings BLOOD means more.  It is the connection to family, magic and other meanings that I honestly have not figured out, or those that I have written down,  only to have it change into something completely different.

In the case of Jake he is lost and he hasn’t quite figured out what is going on (neither have I for that matter) He does know that he is not like any one else.   His mother stumbled out of a snow storm pregnant and lost and even today she refused to mention where she came from.  It was a frustrating conversation between the two of them; but the only thing she ever mentioned was the word BETWEEN .

BETWEEN as it is used here represents a boundary; a neutral area that is surrounding a object or protecting a place.  In my mind there is a hidden place that holds the key it all but like Jake I do not have a clue as to what the final event is going to be.  So this BETWEEN and BLOOD are just as much of a mystery to me as they are to Jake.

Jake’s Beginning

Jake walked  further into the woods pushing aside the branches of the growth that reached out and  that hampered his forward movement.  He chuckled, and pulled down the cap that covered his ears.  He felt like he was a male little Red Riding Hood; and that he was going to be pounced on by a wolf who would rip out his throat with large fangs; “Better to eat you my dear!”   But that didn’t happen; it was a fairy tale; and he dropped his hand down to his back pocket to where his cell phone lived.



Jake pushed through the trees; he listened and he was the only one thrashing through the brambles. The leaves were still.  He looked back and squinted he could barely see the edge of the pasture.  It was almost as if he had stepped into another world.  He frowned and backed up a step, his sneaker crunched down on a a dead branch that echoed through the clearing with a snap.  It was silent and a bit dark.  Yes it was darker, there were shadows lengthening down the old growth.

rusted bike

How could that be?  He looked again and  5 feet in front of him was the rusted wheels of the bicycle that he and his brothers had joked about just about 6 months before.  Jake moved closer. Yes there was the horn that he sounded that had sent the yearlings running across the field.  They had been grounded for that incident because the yearlings had scrambled and one of them broken a leg in the panic.  But the bike was rusted now and the horn; it squeaked and a sad sound hissed out; an old worn  out copy of itself barely 6 months old.  And the trees were old, Jake looked around frowning and he shook his head he didn’t understand.




Liebster Award

Hello all and I would like to dash out a huge thank you luxoballgmailcom  for nominating me.  It is a wonderful surprise to see all of the encouragement from everyone here!


And now it is my turn to answer the questions and dash out my own nominees!  but first the rules:

Ahhh man do we have to have rules? Yes we do but they are fun!

  • Thank my nominee
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  • Answer the 10 questions asked of me
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  • Notify them

How did you decide on your blog name?

It is interesting that I would be asked that.  The name evolved out of one of my very first characters I played on Everquest  Rysteilla.  The part  that I find the most interesting about the name is that it came out of the the random name generator.   The Merystia  portion evolved from a joke between fellow players in which we added ME to the beginning of our names.

ME + RYST   =  Merysta which later developed into other variations:  Meryst,  Rysta, Rystie, Merys..  You get the picture.

And later on I felt that I needed a place of my own to bring them all home.

Who is your biggest blog fan?

That is a question I am not sure on since I have just started up with more blogging so I will have to go with ALL of YOU out there who take the time to kindly read my posts and random dreams.

What is your best piece of advice to anyone considering blogging?

GO FOR IT!  I have played with a few forms of blogging through out the years and I think that we all want to contribute a little bit of ourselves to the world and here blogging provides the outlet the I have been seeking.  It ties all of what I love to do together:  writing,  web paging, coding, crafting,  graphics, knowledge and yes new FRIENDS.

What is your favorite blog to read?

NOO You can’t ask me that !  I really do not have favorite blog I lean towards in particular on any given day.  So I will cop out and say all of them.   (Big cheesy grin I know)

If you could meet 3 historical people from any point in time who would they be?

  • Robinhood – I share the name and I like what he stands for. And I like that time in history.
  • Alexander the Great – Just because of what he did
  • Paul Revere – And not because of the “famous” ride but because he was a craftsman: a silversmith and he made bells.

How do you manage your blogging time?

I don’t,  it manages me.  The muse takes over and it is over in minutes or like this post hours and days. (Which is fine because I love it!)

Where do you get your inspirations for your posts?

Everywhere,  life, friends,  a monarch butterfly sipping nectar from a flower, dreams, blogs, the possibilities are endless.

What is (are) your favorite movie(s)?

Noooo this is just as hard as the favorite blog question; so I will narrow it down to a few favs:

  • Lord of the Rings (need I say more)
  • The Hobbit (ditto)
  • Harry Potter (the whole series, there was 1 or 2 that I found weak but overall great)
  • Stardust / The Princess Bride (these two I ranked together I just loved the twisted humor and the overall story.  They are similar just generations apart)
  • Indiana Jones (I liked them all despite the flak regarding the 4th installation)
  • And finally I like some disaster movies : Dantes Peak, Deep Impact and a few others

What is your goal for your blog in 2016?

Sharing me.  Finding my place in the world,  reading more blogs.

Do you blog for pleasure or profit?

Pleasure.   At this point I chose to be me, this is a big step for me to let people in and  to see who I am, which relates to the previous question. 🙂

I nominate :