B = Blood (and) Between

Bis for BLOOD and BETWEEN.  Though it naturally falls into place as BETA I chose not to follow that line of thought.  I would rather follow the path that I set out on and that is the path of my story.  As you can see all of my works seem to be connected somehow to each other. And in choosing two words there is a method to my madness.

We all know what BLOOD is.  It is red it nourishes and flows through our veins and hopefully we will not lose any.  But in my ramblings BLOOD means more.  It is the connection to family, magic and other meanings that I honestly have not figured out, or those that I have written down,  only to have it change into something completely different.

In the case of Jake he is lost and he hasn’t quite figured out what is going on (neither have I for that matter) He does know that he is not like any one else.   His mother stumbled out of a snow storm pregnant and lost and even today she refused to mention where she came from.  It was a frustrating conversation between the two of them; but the only thing she ever mentioned was the word BETWEEN .

BETWEEN as it is used here represents a boundary; a neutral area that is surrounding a object or protecting a place.  In my mind there is a hidden place that holds the key it all but like Jake I do not have a clue as to what the final event is going to be.  So this BETWEEN and BLOOD are just as much of a mystery to me as they are to Jake.