N is for Novel

nis for NOVEL.  I know this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  That is write a NOVEL. I have always had a dream that I could see a story a tale of mine on the New York best sellers list.  Is that possible ?  Sure with a lot of work, with well drawn out characters that tell a story is read by many people.

But then I start thinking; will it make me happy or is this what I want to do.  And then the  next letter comes into play and I write little blurbs,  snitches and dangling characters that are given a life of their own here in Merystia.  I think that is the NOVEL that I want to write.  I have a space for those characters. They can come here and be part of me and the pages of a blog which will eventually become a NOVEL.

Every November I take the plunge like so many others; and we  try to write that NOVEL in a month.  I enjoy it and it will be a part of me for a long time.  Some day that book and that world that I have been working on will come together and formulate into something.  I am not sure what will eventually come out of it;  But I love the process and the tangents that have evolved out of the sprints have been fun.

I read NOVELS,  high fantasy,  epic adventures,  Young Adult,  urban fantasy, and others if they catch my interest.  I even read the “free” ebooks that are dreadful and in need of a serious editor.  But at the same time I am cringing through the grammar mistakes and the protagonist that is Godlike and can not be hurt,  I keep saying to myself that they are a lesson to myself on how NOT to write.

So the big question is What is your NOVEL and will you let it be free?


D is for Dreams

dis for dreams.   Dreams are essential to every thing.  They create new wonders, new technology, lead us into places we have never been before.  Every idea, started out as a dream; and dreams are not limited to the times that you are in your bed sleeping every night.  I day dream all the time.   I have found myself standing in the middle of a room just staring off into space and then someone “wakes” me up to return to the real world.

Have you ever had that sensation of just falling asleep but you can hear everything that is going on as if you had never fallen asleep?  I have done that as well and then abruptly I “wake” up aware of some loud noise that woke me up.  I grumble flip over and then try and go back to sleep.

I have dreamed in my power naps.  I love my naps and wake up refreshed and ready to go again.  Though I will have to admit I have power napped that turned into 45 to an hour in length.  Sometimes that little power nap ends up in me sleeping the rest of the night.

I love the dreams in which I am an active participant.  But at the same time those are the dreams in which the alarm clock cuts in and boom it is gone.  I also like the dreams where some one or something woke me up; I rush to go to the bathroom, get a sip of water and climb back into bed to slip back into the dream almost where I left off.

And then there is that dream the repeater in which you are having a nightmare over and over again.  It is like Groundhog day,  or that episode of SG 1   Window of Opportunity in which Col O’Neall and Teal’c discover that they are in a time loop. This is one of my favorite episodes by the way.  The only way that I have found to break the repeat cycle of the nightmare rotating over and over again is to get up and get a drink of water. I have to “physically” break the connection or like a loop I will keep reliving it.

Dreams are essential; they are a playground in which there are no rules, you can try out new and crazy things.  I try and keep a notebook by my bed in an attempt to record those awesome dream.  Who knows that mundane dream could be the key to the universe!

B = Blood (and) Between

Bis for BLOOD and BETWEEN.  Though it naturally falls into place as BETA I chose not to follow that line of thought.  I would rather follow the path that I set out on and that is the path of my story.  As you can see all of my works seem to be connected somehow to each other. And in choosing two words there is a method to my madness.

We all know what BLOOD is.  It is red it nourishes and flows through our veins and hopefully we will not lose any.  But in my ramblings BLOOD means more.  It is the connection to family, magic and other meanings that I honestly have not figured out, or those that I have written down,  only to have it change into something completely different.

In the case of Jake he is lost and he hasn’t quite figured out what is going on (neither have I for that matter) He does know that he is not like any one else.   His mother stumbled out of a snow storm pregnant and lost and even today she refused to mention where she came from.  It was a frustrating conversation between the two of them; but the only thing she ever mentioned was the word BETWEEN .

BETWEEN as it is used here represents a boundary; a neutral area that is surrounding a object or protecting a place.  In my mind there is a hidden place that holds the key it all but like Jake I do not have a clue as to what the final event is going to be.  So this BETWEEN and BLOOD are just as much of a mystery to me as they are to Jake.

A is for ALPHA

A  is for ALPHA and the way that I think about ALPHA is that of a pack leader a dominant person in a leadership role. He or she is a leader who gained their way to the top position.  As in a wolf pack the leaders of the pack are the top mated pair. We have all seen with the werewolf there are distinctive features of the ALPHA and the rest of the ranking system.  I like Patricia Briggs and her stories.  To me her ideas and thoughts are the clearest I have found regarding werewolves and ALPHA.
But with my story is Jake an ALPHA?  These questions and more have been sort of answered in my mind. But they are something that I have not been able to figure out fully and I am not quite ready to divulge quite yet.  So the question remains is Jake an ALPHA or what the heck is he really?



Ah yes the month long mayhem is about to begin! And yes I will be joining the campers as they frantically write the novel that is buried deep within them.   This is going to be my 4th attempt to continue on the adventure.  I managed to claw out a couple of wins and I did win a Nanowrimo.

My writing has been an endless novel of characters and story lines that still have not fully developed into a full blown story. There are bits and pieces on here and a few other websites and buried in my files on my computers.

With this particular story or bits and pieces of a story the last word count as of November 2015 it was 112098 or something close to that number.   And yes there will be a lot stuff that will get rewritten and simply placed on a rocket and launched out into space.   But in my defense without the original writing there wouldn’t be a story and launching material.

And yes Jake is one of my characters.  But like all of the drivel he still is resting somewhere in my brain waiting to emerge as something that eventually will be a flawed but fully developed character. Here is  Campnanowrimo  if you dare.   I am ironically Meryst on the site if you would like to join in the mayhem!!!

                         I DARE YOU!!!!!