Binge watching

I read this assignment the other day at 3 am in the morning after watching my marathon of The Flash , and yes I know that it totally was not the correct time to be thinking about writing a blog.   But hey that is what happened,  and then like a “flash” the next thing that zipped through my mind was my comfy bed and pillow.

This whole marathon of TV shows started a week ago when I was bored; I didn’t want to drift into the gaming world and I really didn’t want to read.  Egads !!! Robin not wanting to read?  Are you feeling okay?  Let me feel your forehead and take you temperature.  Let me make some chicken soup for you!

So back to the marathon.  It all started with The Arrow  and it took me a week to watch all four seasons.  Yes I just couldn’t stop thinking about the story line, I fell in love with the characters and I couldn’t wait to have more.   I was up to 3 am every night and I drifted through work in a fog literally counting the hours and minutes down till I could get back into the world of Star City and The Arrow.

And then I hit that one episode that threw me for a loop, that one episode that forced me to go back and search,  “Hey wait a minute I am missing something where is it?”  It literally forced me to go search out the history of the whole DC comic world in order to find the lost episode.  And then I found it, so now I am binge watching the Flash as he zips through his life.