F is for Fumble

F is for FUMBLE. 

  And this is my FUMBLE dedicated to my fellow gamers and geeks.


The dreaded fumble that all  gamers fear.   I can remember cringing and staring at the DM as he hovers behind his DM screen.   In fact he is smirking and with an evil grin the FUMBLE charts make their way to the top of the pile of papers and rule books.  “OH what fun what can I have with your character?  Can I have a lightning bolt fly out of the sky and strike you down?  Or what will happen?  Your fate is within my hands.”

I just cringe and start searching myself through all of my charts and papers, scrambling with dice and hoping that I can counter out the dreaded damage that is going to impart grievous mayhem and harm upon my character.

And then the disaster starts to rain down,   I watch as the number of dice start to stack, my hit points start to decrease; and I gulp.  My poor character is flattened by flying colorful dice.   I sigh and then start to gather up the dice to roll up  a new friend.  I sniffle and wave goodbye to yet another person. In the corner of my eye I see  my fellow gamers gather up their dice,  whispering a prayer to the dice gods that their avatars would not succumb to the same fate of the dreaded FUMBLE  .