L & M are for LOVE and Mother

L  & m   are for LOVE and  MOTHER;  and this is appropriate  on this day.   I love my mother,  she is always there for me even when I make stupid decisions.  She is there for me to cry on her shoulder, she never assumes, she loves me unconditionally; and she is always there to push me to into the right direction.   I LOVE my MOTHER and cherish her deeply. I know I am not always the best at writing, calling her on the phone, and texting.  But my Mother is always there and always  will be there.
A few years ago my family and I went on a Mexican adventure to a resort an hour away from Cancun.

One of the many views from the numerous pools right on the beach

And it was a week of gorging on food, soaking up the sun and swimming while the rest of my  world was covered in snow.  (And yes it was a heavier than normal snow fall that year)

My MOTHER is a traveler and adventurer; she loves to go see new places, try new ideas and just see what is out there.  I went on an adventure with my MOTHER to visit the ruins of Tulum.

Tulum right on the ocean. The typical random stranger shot

My MOTHER and I share a fierce LOVE to see new sights, climb to new places and just try to experience as much as we can together.  I wish I could do more with her and see all the places that she has been.

tulum beach
Tulum beach

Though I do have to giggle; and my MOTHER will do things that I would not expect her to do;  she did not have any desire to climb down to the beach.  It was a 100 foot climb down to the shore on a wooden stone stairway that shook with the numbers of people climbing up and down.