15 years ago…

15 years ago,  it was barely 6 am  (PST) and someone woke me up to watch the news.  I was in shock.  Well we all were.  The planes had just hit the twin towers.  It was eerie, it was a void in time.  With those planes that hit the towers,  the Pentagon and later the last one that came down,  everything just shut down.

I remember just sitting watching over and over the replays… it was too unreal.  No it didn’t happen.  But the news and the internet didn’t not lie that day.  It had happened and it was not going to go away.

I will always remember.   A few days later,  after all of the news the extraordinary efforts of all the people involved in the rescues,  I had lost a friend, a shipmate with whom I had been stationed with in Adak Alaska.  Brian A Moss had been stationed at the Pentagon.

Brian, Wezzie, Chuck Adak, AK sunshine liberty 1991 I think.  Happier times that I wish we could go back to.

I am not sure if I can write much more about it September 11, 2001.   All I know is in the end that kind of destruction is not the answer.  It didn’t solve any problems if anything it created a much bigger problem that we still have not figured out the solution to it all.


D is for Dreams

dis for dreams.   Dreams are essential to every thing.  They create new wonders, new technology, lead us into places we have never been before.  Every idea, started out as a dream; and dreams are not limited to the times that you are in your bed sleeping every night.  I day dream all the time.   I have found myself standing in the middle of a room just staring off into space and then someone “wakes” me up to return to the real world.

Have you ever had that sensation of just falling asleep but you can hear everything that is going on as if you had never fallen asleep?  I have done that as well and then abruptly I “wake” up aware of some loud noise that woke me up.  I grumble flip over and then try and go back to sleep.

I have dreamed in my power naps.  I love my naps and wake up refreshed and ready to go again.  Though I will have to admit I have power napped that turned into 45 to an hour in length.  Sometimes that little power nap ends up in me sleeping the rest of the night.

I love the dreams in which I am an active participant.  But at the same time those are the dreams in which the alarm clock cuts in and boom it is gone.  I also like the dreams where some one or something woke me up; I rush to go to the bathroom, get a sip of water and climb back into bed to slip back into the dream almost where I left off.

And then there is that dream the repeater in which you are having a nightmare over and over again.  It is like Groundhog day,  or that episode of SG 1   Window of Opportunity in which Col O’Neall and Teal’c discover that they are in a time loop. This is one of my favorite episodes by the way.  The only way that I have found to break the repeat cycle of the nightmare rotating over and over again is to get up and get a drink of water. I have to “physically” break the connection or like a loop I will keep reliving it.

Dreams are essential; they are a playground in which there are no rules, you can try out new and crazy things.  I try and keep a notebook by my bed in an attempt to record those awesome dream.  Who knows that mundane dream could be the key to the universe!

Binge watching

I read this assignment the other day at 3 am in the morning after watching my marathon of The Flash , and yes I know that it totally was not the correct time to be thinking about writing a blog.   But hey that is what happened,  and then like a “flash” the next thing that zipped through my mind was my comfy bed and pillow.

This whole marathon of TV shows started a week ago when I was bored; I didn’t want to drift into the gaming world and I really didn’t want to read.  Egads !!! Robin not wanting to read?  Are you feeling okay?  Let me feel your forehead and take you temperature.  Let me make some chicken soup for you!

So back to the marathon.  It all started with The Arrow  and it took me a week to watch all four seasons.  Yes I just couldn’t stop thinking about the story line, I fell in love with the characters and I couldn’t wait to have more.   I was up to 3 am every night and I drifted through work in a fog literally counting the hours and minutes down till I could get back into the world of Star City and The Arrow.

And then I hit that one episode that threw me for a loop, that one episode that forced me to go back and search,  “Hey wait a minute I am missing something where is it?”  It literally forced me to go search out the history of the whole DC comic world in order to find the lost episode.  And then I found it, so now I am binge watching the Flash as he zips through his life.