A slump…or a slug

Yes that is me.   Though you wouldn’t believe it if you looked at my FB page.  But I am a slug.  I like to just sit around and stare at the computer,  which is bad but good at the same time.     The slug of me likes to just hang out ….

kind of like this little guy…

This little guy has a purpose though I am not quite sure where he is going.   He has a place to go and there is something that he needs to be doing, whether it is finding his next meal or just slugging it out.

Last week I opened my door to go to work and hanging out on the side of the door was a new friend….


He was crawling up the side of my door frame; he had a purpose but I was not too clear as to what he wanted with the side of my apartment.  He was cute in his own snail way.

I think there is a reason that  I saw him, and I think that his slow steady journey up the side of my door frame is a message  that I need to absorb the lessons that he is trying to teach.   Yes it is ok to be a slug, as long as I remember that slow and steady is the way to keep climbing to my goals and to my future.

R is for Rejoice

ris for REJOICE.  Now here is what REJOICE means on the world wide web:

  1. feel or show great joy or delight.
    “he rejoiced when he saw his friend alive”
    synonyms: happiness, pleasure, joy, gladness, delight, elation, jubilation, exuberance, exultation,celebration, revelry, merrymaking

    And I feel that it is a pretty good description of the meaning of REJOICE.  But my question to you is what does REJOICE mean to you?

    To me the feelings and images that appear in my head circle around the Holidays; but for some reason it fits and it doesn’t fit at the same time.   To me it feels a bit fake,  and then  I see dark green holly mixed with the red berries of the season.

    And there is a story somewhere in this wreath I can feel it….

    And then the feelings of fake suddenly disappear as I feel something new.  I REJOICE for there is a new story brewing.  Where is this wreath ?  Why is it hanging there?  Who put it in that particular space?

    So tell me how do you REJOICE?


P is for PEOPLE

pis  for PEOPLE.  All sorts of people; large, small, old, young all of us; who live on this planet that we call Earth. We PEOPLE are good, we are evil, we make mistakes; say things we later regret and scramble to fix. We love, we play, we laugh, but we are PEOPLE here today on this place we call home.


We live and play together in tiny packed spaces, but yet we still are alone in a crowd. Masses of  PEOPLE together in a congested place, how is that possible? There are PEOPLE all around us, and they are within a finger touch away but we are still alone.  PEOPLE are alone inside, our body, our mind.

                                                        BUT …



Being alone is not necessarily a bad thing, because we all need to be alone sometimes.   It can be good;  looking into the sunrise of a new day.   It can be a path to a new beginning;  open up new roads, adventure and new PEOPLE.




N is for Novel

nis for NOVEL.  I know this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  That is write a NOVEL. I have always had a dream that I could see a story a tale of mine on the New York best sellers list.  Is that possible ?  Sure with a lot of work, with well drawn out characters that tell a story is read by many people.

But then I start thinking; will it make me happy or is this what I want to do.  And then the  next letter comes into play and I write little blurbs,  snitches and dangling characters that are given a life of their own here in Merystia.  I think that is the NOVEL that I want to write.  I have a space for those characters. They can come here and be part of me and the pages of a blog which will eventually become a NOVEL.

Every November I take the plunge like so many others; and we  try to write that NOVEL in a month.  I enjoy it and it will be a part of me for a long time.  Some day that book and that world that I have been working on will come together and formulate into something.  I am not sure what will eventually come out of it;  But I love the process and the tangents that have evolved out of the sprints have been fun.

I read NOVELS,  high fantasy,  epic adventures,  Young Adult,  urban fantasy, and others if they catch my interest.  I even read the “free” ebooks that are dreadful and in need of a serious editor.  But at the same time I am cringing through the grammar mistakes and the protagonist that is Godlike and can not be hurt,  I keep saying to myself that they are a lesson to myself on how NOT to write.

So the big question is What is your NOVEL and will you let it be free?



I have been  thinking for a while now and I view the internet and the online community as being on a stage.   It is a stage in the sense that I feel that all hide behind in hopes that what we do is at the whim of pleasing the unseen people out there.    We are on performance for others but what happened to us?  When did  it come down to pleasing the unseen audience before ourselves?

For example,  I know from my own browsing and surfing that if my interest isn’t captured in the first 90 seconds of a view, I am gone and that page disappears out of my view.   Why do we spend hours, days, months and even years on that first 90 seconds of an advertisement?

I see and read advice and points on how to do something to get to this point but I know myself I have to accept it myself and decide do I really want to do it.   And there will be times that I stay away,  and there are points that I look at the stats and all the parts on a regular schedule.

My point is I do balk against schedules, lists and timelines but at the same time I know we need them. But  I too have to decide is it what I want to do and will it make me happy.   I do know I keep returning back to myself,  my writing, reading and the other crafts,  things that I look at to make  me happy.   The performance is not for those out there but in actuality it is for you and you alone.

Who am I and why am I here?

Hi my name us Robin as you can see on the top of the page, and I am very new to the world of blogging.  I have a bit of a blog on another site and this one here.   What do I do with my life? That is the question of the day that I am currently trying to figure out.

I love to write and read and I have the same hopes and inspire to become a published author some day, but for now I tend to dabble in my strange world of tidbits, pieces and parts of stories that are posted here on the other site and lost in a file on my computer.

As you can see I tend to ramble on about a lot of stuff and that is the reason that I decided to join up in this class to figure out a point or what do I really want to blog about.   So what have I been doing for the last couple of years?  I am very active on Facebook as many of us are and to encourage my writing,  I try to write as often as I can and struggle to push it in between my other activities of gaming, watching movies and TV shows, reading and cross stitching.